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„Engagiert für das Angebot

Die besten Mähsysteme

zur Pflege von großflächigem Rasen“

Aus Erfahrung gebaut

Das Eco Clipper® Mähsystem ist aus dem Mähsystem hervorgegangen, das ursprünglich in den neunziger Jahren auf der Rasenfarm der Familie Leijenaar in den Niederlanden entwickelt und 2002 auf den Markt gebracht wurde. Der damals elektrisch angetriebene 10 m breite Sichelmäher war eine Revolution in der Rasenbranche. Bis 2008 wurden die verschiedenen Modelle dieses Sichelmähers sowie ein 10,7 m breiter elektrisch angetriebener Spindelmäher von Leijenaar Products BV entwickelt und vermarktet.

Nach dem Ende von Leijenaar Products BV konzentrierte sich Syb Leijenaar auf die mechatronische Produktentwicklung, Dienstleistungen und Beratung bei Leijenaar Solutions.

Start von Eco Clipper

Aus dem Markt kamen Anfragen nach der Modernisierung von 15 Jahre alten elektrisch angetriebenen Sichelmähern und die Nachfrage nach breiteren und verbesserten Versionen. Mit der Erfahrung aus vielen Jahren des Einsatzes in vielen verschiedenen Ländern wurde 2018 eine neue Linie von Elektromähern mit dem Namen Eco Clipper eingeführt.

Der Fokus liegt auf sauberen Schnittergebnissen bei allen Wetterbedingungen, verbesserter Effizienz (mindestens 20 % kraftstoffsparender), einfacher Wartung und Reparatur sowie niedrigen Betriebskosten. Im Jahr 2019 wurde die Eco Clipper-Reihe erfolgreich in Rasenfarmen in ganz Europa eingeführt und 2020 mit der Einführung des 14,11 Meter breiten Eco Clipper RM14 Schmetterlingsmähers und des Eco Clipper TM14 Dreideckmähers erweitert.

After trying different lawn mowers of various brands we have chosen Eco Clipper front mower model EC-FM6 and we are satisfied with the choice made.

We found these characteristics:
Having the generator positioned above the lawnmower, it is easy to attach and detach the mower from the tractor
When the mowing decks are raised, it is easy to maintain, replace or sharpen the blades and are easy to clean.
Since there is an electric motor for each blade, we have no problems with replacing belts, wear and greasing of cardan shafts. The mower makes little noise.
We found a very professional cut with excellent performance on cutting speed.

Gianfranco Martinelli, Tara Prati Società Agricola SempliceSillavengo, 2020

We have been using this Eco Clipper RM10 since July 2019. It replaced our old Green Clipper 5 and we see a lot of benefits and improvements on this new machine.

As our new Eco Clipper is a combination mower (both front- and rear mounted) it is more compact compared to the towed GC 5. Using it in the field is like driving a regular garden mower. With our setup, we can use only the front mower with the rear mower folded up. This gives many possibilities to change the driving patterns, and it is easy to drive close to the corners and edges.

This new mower has the same width as the old one, but it requires less power. This makes it possible to drive at lower rpms and we do not have to change gear as often in hilly terrain. In addition, the noise level is better. For an optimum operation of the mower, we keep 1400 rpms on the tractor. As a maximum, we have done 22 km/h during mowing, but normally we keep between 12 – 15 km/h. This is when the length of the grass is ready for mowing.

The new flexible-decks make a complete different mowing result compared to the old fixed decks. Now we have virtually no scalping, just a nice green cut.

The Eco Clipper has fewer covers, it is easier to clean and has a lower weight. Usually we clean the upper side with an air blower and a high-pressure washer on the underside.

Tore Lassen, owner of Nordre Gjølstad ASBrandval, 2019

On our search for a better mower, we came up with electric mowing again. Fast, economical and maintenance-friendly mowing! Syb has supplied this as the widest Eco Clipper in the market in 2019 and we have mowed it to full satisfaction last season! With the position of the folded decks, the blades can be replaced quickly and easily.In addition, Syb has also taken into account the prevention of grass clippings sticking to the bottom of the decks. With the special / plastic covers this remains limited and otherwise it is easy to clean. A nice extra is that our 12 m version requires just as much power as our old 10 m version. Very pleasant on the pump! The Eco Clipper is uncomplicated, compact and relatively light, so you can ride the fields faster! Class! Mowing is fun again!

Teun and Johan Klaver, owners Klaver GraszodenTwisk, 2019

Dear Syb,
We are happy with the fact that after 10 years, the technology of the GC continues. The knowledge and expertise about this machine is back. There is no better / cheaper mower than a GC in terms of efficiency and maintenance costs. The mower that we now use with the new simple control system is a big improvement, no malfunctions. The much lighter cutting decks with the more efficient motors on them are much more flexible than the old cutting units. The material used is easy to order. If we want to expand in cutting capacity it will definitely become an Eco Clipper.

Rob Bruin, co-owner Direct GazonYsselsteyn, 2018